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'J' Type Filter Seaming machine for high pressure applications.
Seaming is done inwards to form a 'J' Profile
Heavy Duty Construction.
Pneumatic Feeding and Seaming Actuation.
Semi-Automatic single push button operation.
Mechanical Dual Roller System for Single Operation Seaming.
Cam operated Seaming Rollers ensure consistent and even Seaming.
Can be made to accept varying Filter heights and Diameters.

Description of Operation

The Filter with the Tapped Plate to be seamed is placed on the filter holder. The dual push buttons are simultaneously pressed and released. The Filter is fed into the machine, clamped and the seaming operation begins. After completion, the seaming head stops rotating, the filter is de-clamped and brought out to the rest position. The sequence is controlled by a simple Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Watch a video clip of the machine in operation

Output Capacity 4-5 Filters / minute
Min./Max. Can Dia. 40/210 mm (1.6/8.3 in.)*
Max. Can/Drum Length 250 mm (10 in.)*
Max. Sheet Thickness 0.80 mm (0.03")*
Motor Power 3 Hp
Air required (SRS:320:FTR:PN)
>2.5 Bar-200 lts./min.
Net Weight 1050 Kgs. (2320 lbs.)
Gross Weight 1250 Kgs. (2755 lbs.)
Case Dimensions 1800 x 750 x 1050 mm
(71 x 30 x 42 in.)

*Can be modified to suit customers requirements and applications.

Other Filter Seamers

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Filter Seaming machine

'J' Type Filter Seamer

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