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Simultaneously Flanges both ends of Round cans.
Semi-Automatic press type operation through key-clutch-cam.
Consistent and even flanging ensures proper seaming.
Heay-Duty body made from close-grain cast iron.
High Flange accuracy and consistency.


Output Capacity 60 strokes per minute
Min./Max. Can Diameter 40/210 mm (1.8/14 in.)
Max. Sheet Thickness 0.30 mm (0.012 in.)
Motor Power 2 Hp
Net Weight 175 Kgs. (385 lbs.)
Gross Weight 220 Kgs. (485 lbs.)
Case Dimensions 870 x 460 x 1650 mm
(35 x 18 x 65 in.)

Round Can Flanger - Can Flanging machine
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