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From time to time we develop special purpose machines and seamers to suit our customers requirements. Some of the special machines are listed below:

  • Indian Defense factories for Bomb Shells, ammunition boxes, etc.
  • Full line for manufacturing stainless steel drums for Washing machines
  • Dent removing machines for Cans after reforming
  • Special application seamers for laboratory utensils, etc.
  • Newman Cap Sealing machines for sealing caps on to 15 Lt. (5 gal.) rectangular cans
  • Compound Lining machines for large size round / non-round lids
  • Side locking machines for filter inner's, aluminum roofing products,

If you have an application that could fit in to our scope of manufacture, please send us the technical drawings and details, and we will be glad to look into it.

special purpose seaming machine

Special Purpose Filter Seamer
for 1 meter long Filters

Newman Cap Sealing machine   End Sealant Applicator for Non-Round Cans   Can Body Dent Remover
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