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Semi Automatic Operation
PLC Based Control Panel with Push Button Control - Two Hand control for operator Safety
Heavy Duty Body made from Close Grain Cast Iron
Ability to accept a large range of Capacitor Sizes with a quick changeover time
Machines in operation with leading Capacitor Manufacturers Worldwide
Proven design for 100% Leak-Proof Seaming
Can be modified for Seaming Capacitors

Description of Operation

The Capcitor with the End (Terminal Plater) to be seamed is placed on the lifter plate and the pedal is fully pressed and released. The Can is lifted to the Seaming Chuck and the seaming operation begins. After completion, the lifter plate with the seamed Can are automatically brought down to the rest position.

SPS:200:CP:PN Non-Round Capacitor Seamer
SRS:200:CP:PN Round Capacitor Seamer
SRS:200:CP:GV Round Capacitor Grooving / Beading machine

Video of Capacitor Beading (Grooving) Machine

SRS:200 Round
Capactior Seamer

Machine shown without
Safety Guards and Covers

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