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At BMT we take very seriously the safety and health of our operators. We employ very high safety norms in our manufacturing facility. These safety standards are applied also on every machine that we manufacture. Some of our safety features are highlighted under.


Moving Parts on all machines are fitted with guards.
Mechanical hand safety guards are provided where manual feeding is required
Safety interlocks are provided
Additional Safety through infra-red curtains can be provided on certain machines as required by the customers
Electricals used comply with I(Indian) Standards.If necessary, we can use Electricals that comply with CE, CSA and other standards.
All wires used are in the form of cables and are routed through conduits or BX as required.
Earthing points are provided on the machines
Emergency switches and/or controls are placed within operator's reach
Tower Lights are fitted to show machine operation on certain machines
Transparent Acrylic Sheet Covers are provided on certain machines
All components, parts, pneumatics and controls that are outsourced must comply with local standards and regulations



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